If your dentist has recommended that you wear a night guard or you have been wondering whether a night guard is a good choice for you, it is probably time to invest in one. Night guards have more than one purpose, many of which can save you pain, money, and even improve your health.

Here Are Just Seven Reasons Why You Should Wear A Night Guard

1. To Prevent Snoring:

If your significant other or housemate has complained about your snoring, a night guard can help with that. This works by adjusting the position of your teeth and jaw, allowing the air to pass through easier, resulting in less snoring.

2. To Sleep Better:

Snoring itself is actually disruptive to your sleep and is a good indication that you are not sleeping as well as you should be. A night guard improves your airflow, allowing you to have more restful and restorative sleep. Sleeping better will improve your health as well as your quality of life.

3. To Help your Teeth:

Some people need a night guard because they clench or grind their teeth while they are asleep. Grinding your teeth can not only wear them down, but it can eventually crack or break your teeth. Cracked teeth can sometimes be fixed with a simple restoration, but other times might need more drastic measures. A night guard will prevent you from damaging your teeth.

4. To Prevent Tension Headaches:

Clenching your teeth is all too common when you are asleep. As your mind unwinds to all of the stresses of your day, your body can easily put that pressure in your, giving you a tension headache. All of the muscles that you work from clenching and grinding will become increasingly sore, leaving you with a headache. A night guard will allow those muscles to relax.

5. To Relieve Jaw Pain:

Another result of clenching and grinding is pain within your jaw itself. The jaw is often overworked while you are sleeping, putting a lot of pressure down on your teeth. Jaw pain can make it hard to chew and even talk, all of which can be avoided through the use of a night guard.

6. To Relieve Tooth Pain:

Even if clenching and grinding does not happen to break your teeth, all of the pressure that you are putting them under can jar the teeth. The nerves will become overused and overstimulation, giving you toothaches when you wake up the next day. These toothaches will not demonstrate the signs of infection, but can pulse all the same, making it difficult to chew. A night guard can help you prevent it.

7. To Save Money:

If you consider all of the consequences of not wearing a night guard when you need one, it can really add up in cost. Dental-wise, you might find yourself having to pay for root canals and crowns to repair the cracks your teeth have experienced. Jaw pain can become a chronic condition and your jaw might become prone to locking up. Finally, not having restful sleep has been shown to increase your blood pressure, increase the risk of heart disease, and make you perform worse during your workday, all of which can be costly.


Putting off getting a night guard will only put you at risk for dental and medical health problems, all of which can easily be avoided through the use of a night guard. If you feel like you could benefit from a night guard, contact your dentist right away and schedule an appointment to find out if it is a good choice for you.


Article originally appeared at: https://royalcentredentalgroup.ca/

Author: Royal Centre Dentist Group