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Insurance & Financing

Unlike many illnesses we come in contact with, dental problems seldom go away without intervention.

At Source Dental, we work with you to find a treatment plan that works both for your health and your budget. While payments are due at the time of service, we’re happy to discuss alternative financing options prior to your appointment.

Are You Covered?

If you have a conventional dental plan, we’re happy to file your claims and accept payment for your convenience. If you don’t have coverage, other options are available. Ask one of our staff members for more information.

Enjoy Your Smile

At Source Dental, we believe that every patient deserves a healthy smile. Whether it’s braces for your teen, a dental implant to restore a knocked-out tooth or periodontal therapy for your elderly parent, treatment is available.

Are you ready to invest in your smile? Call our Oshawa office today to schedule your appointment.

Fill out the form and we will contact you during our working hours. Urgent dental care will be provided usually the same day.

Source Dental was nominated Best Dentist and Best Dental Office for 15 consecutive years by the Oshawa/Whitby This Week Readers’ Choice

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