Your Smile is in good hands at Source Dental. Our team of friendly and highly trained dental professionals offers comprehensive services from all fields of dentistry. In addition, Source Dental uses state-of-the-art equipment to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Are you looking for a routine cleaning or something more advanced? Continue reading to learn more about the services offered at Source Dental!

General Dentistry

Good oral health starts with regular checkups and cleanings. Most dentists recommend you schedule a teeth cleaning appointment every six months – even if you brush and floss your teeth twice daily! Regularly scheduled general dentistry appointments can keep your teeth in the healthiest condition! Furthermore, dental professionals can remove plaque and tartar from the teeth that everyday brushing cannot remove. Lastly, everyone is encouraged to get a comprehensive dental exam every two years.

Preventive Therapy

Caring for your teeth means much more than caring for your oral health. In fact, good oral health directly contributes to the health of the rest of your body. Many minor issues could eventually become problematic if not properly treated. Source Dental offers various preventive therapies that cater to your lifestyle. Learn more about the preventive therapy options at Source Dental by clicking here.

Zoom! ®️ Teeth Whitening

Are you looking to brighten up your smile? The team at Source Dental can help brighten your smile through cosmetic dental procedures. Our in-office Zoom!®️ whitening rapidly releases stains trapped within your tooth enamel. Some patients may be able to see whiter teeth within 90 minutes! Learn more about Zoom!®️ Teeth Whitening at Source Dental by clicking here!


Invisalign®️ is a transparent and discreet form of orthodontic treatment that can help guide your teeth into their optimal position. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign®️ are easily removable and easy to clean. With Invisalign®️, you can still enjoy all the foods you love and keep that clean mouth feel! Learn more about Invisalign®️ by clicking here.

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These are just some of the many services you can expect from the team at Source Dental. We have been proudly serving the Oshawa/Whitby area since 1985! Schedule your next appointment with us today by clicking here or calling 905-434-5757.