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    Lung DiseaseThyroid ProblemsTuberculosisVenereal DiseasePace MakerRheumatic FeverHeart ProsthesisHave FaintedBad Mouth Odour

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    Cleaning/ScalingImplantsBracesSensitive TeethSwollen/Painful GumsLock jawAnxiety
    FillingsPartial/Full DenturesExtractionsBleeding GumsGaggingClenching/GrindingTension

    I, understand, certify that I have provided an accurate and complete personal & medical-dental history & have knowing not omitted any information. I have the opportunity to ask & receive answers regarding my medical-dental history. I authorize the dentist to perform/diagnosis procedures & treatment as may be necessary for proper dental care. I also understand that consultation with a medical doctor may be required, & consent to my physician being contacted if requires. I understand that responsibility for all payments for dental services for myself/dependants is mine, & I will assume responsibility for fees associated with these services. By signing below, I am knowingly, authorizing the assignment of benefits from my primary & (if applicable) secondary benefits coverage to Dr. Gold's Source Dental. Please click submit once, and wait until the wheel on the right of the green submit button stops spinning. Please remember that your signatures are required for the form to submit. Thanks!

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