Dr. Ramesh Agrawal

Having earned both his BDS and MDS from the esteemed Gujarat University, Dr. Ramesh Agrawal has spent the last 14 years using his knowledge and experiences to develop a unique skill set when it comes to dental care and orthodontics. He is an enthusiastic person with a passion for orthodontics as well as the management of cleft patients, mainly infants, and preparing them for clinically more effective plastic surgery. Dr. Agrawal takes great pride in having the opportunity to enhance the lives of his patients. He is compassionate and has excellent skills when it comes to handling patients of all ages. He is fluent in and can engage with patients in English, Hindi, and Gujarati. Before each treatment, Dr. Agrawal takes the time to carefully plan and walk his patients through each step of their dental journey. He is incredibly well-versed in preventative, interceptive, and corrective orthodontics. Dr. Agrawal is also very interested in technology and integrating it into his practice. He worked hard to develop new designs for the Twin Block appliance on Biostar-Vacuum machines and was also a pioneer in introducing the Invisible Dental Studio, a one-of-a-kind dental laboratory.

Throughout his career, Dr. Agrawal has held numerous leadership roles for various programs, including Ortho Touch and the NITW. He has also had his research published multiple times in addition to his thesis and dissertation.

Outside of work, Dr. Agrawal loves spending time with his family doing all kinds of activities like travelling, playing, and spending time outdoors.